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walkinthepark_bleed_edit_FlyersHow Walk In The Park Works: We walk around or through a park whose proximity is contingent to where the client lives or works to make it as easy as possible for them.  And yes, I travel to the various locations—primarily so that the client initially feels a sense of control over their environment and a feeling of ease vs. stress encountering a “strange new office.” I have found that the act of movement, and in particular walking or hiking, promotes vulnerability…which in turn encourages soul thinking and speaking; in other words, we tend to be less critical and more heart centered when we’re breathing more deeply (especially in the fresh air !) and moving forward. We also feel less confrontative when we’re walking side by side..less concern about “judgement” (does this therapist think I’m crazy; stupid? etc.) and more vulnerable from the outset. Therapist and client are on equal footing, so to speak, making it seem less formal—more “familiar.” How many of us process issues, concerns and problems while walking with friends? —feeding off each other’s ideas and feedback? It is within this atmosphere that “true healing” in both mind and body can take place more easily and rapidly.



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